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What to wear

  • Ideally riding boots should be worn but any boot or shoe with a reasonably flat sole and a small heel would be acceptable. Boots and/or half chaps are available free of charge from UK size 2 to 11.
  • Smaller or bigger feet should bring their own suitable footwear.
  • Safety hat (also available free of charge)
  • Clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions. Jackets should be properly fastened and not flapping. Children must wear clothing that will keep them warm and dry for the duration of the ride.
  • Jodhpurs, trousers or thick leggings that allow freedom of movement. Legs should be covered.
  • No jewelry should be worn (smooth wedding ring is acceptable).
  • To capture the moment and the spectacular scenery riders are allowed to bring a pocket sized camera at their own risk.

Ultimately it is the customer's responsibility to be dressed correctly, in accordance with the above information, before riding.

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